Cópia de About Us

A Designer Despi is a Brazilian - made swimwear line, created in 2007 by Despina Filios, a designer born in Argentina, raised in Brazil, with strong European family roots.

Despina is a world traveler that spends the years living out of her suitcases, from one continent to the next, the sensory experience she exposes herself to, fused to her cultural diversity results in limitless inspirations.

Despi is exclusive, exquisite, innovative, genuine, authentic and meaningful.
Despina’s mission is to create swimwear for women that want to be noticed, are feminine, dreamy, curious, adventurous and daring...

Each Despi piece is made in “Brazilian cut” or full cut, to accommodate each wearer’s preferred level of coverage. The suits are made with elaborate execution. A lot of handcraft is made in remote areas of brazil and sometimes other poor communities of the globe, creating job opportunities and giving back. 
Behind a despi product there is great passion with dedication and many stories to share.

What set us apart is that we create the breathtaking swimwear that you want to wear. So let despi be part of your life . You’ ll fall in love with no regrets.



Despi through the years